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Hi, I’m Derek Hay from Winnipeg, Manitoba and I curl at Granite Curling Club.  I am a semi-retired hotelier.

I have 3 daughters - Crystal (piper) Brittney (tenor drummer) and Austin (snare drummer), all who have given me lovely grandchildren, Hallie, Hunter, Jackson, McKenzie, and Danica.

I have been curling since the wee age of 12, as soon as I was big old enough to hurl 45 lbs of granite down a sheet of ice. I learned to curl at the Granite Curling Club and over the years have curled in 9 different clubs, before coming back to the Granite (the Mother Club).  I am a Past Club Board member, Past President and General Manager of the Club. During the last Strathcona Cup Challenge in Canada, I ensured that the tour made a stop at the Granite Curling Club, to see its rich history of curling and our famous hospitality for the sport.  I have curled in the USA, Germany and in Scotland at Murrayfield during the international open, where we stood our ground against Warwick Smith, until the final end and the post-game celebrations.

Outside of curling I attempt to golf, thou I'm nae good at it.  I enjoy technology in particular computers and ham radio.  Past president of various organizations (professional and hobby) that I am interested in.  I really enjoy being with family and friends.