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Hi, I’m John Shea, born, raised and still living in Ottawa, Ontario.  I am a member at the Ottawa Hunt Golf and Curling Club.  I am married to Susan and have a son, Christopher. 

My first boss was Dave Merklinger and I made ice through my school years.  I owned and operated a National Insurance Brokerage until selling it in 2014.  I am still active in the industry on a scaled back basis.  I created a National Insurance Program for Curling Clubs, and introduced both Dominion and Travelers as a sponsor of curling.  I have sponsored a number of curling events over the past 25 years.

I am a Past President of the City View Curling Club.  I am also a Past President of the Ontario curling Association. I was chair of the Nokia Cup in 2000.   I am currently a member of the Board of Governors of Curling Canada, where I am the Finance Chair.  I am also a member of the Governor General’s Curling Club (2014).

 I enjoy red wine, golf, barbequing, cards, volunteer work, and time at the cottage.