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Hi! and Bonjour!


I’m Derek White, I was born and raised in an English-speaking home outside of Toronto but today, I am bilingual and teach English as a Second Language at a college in the Quebec City region where I moved 27 years ago. I love my job and so I spend many hours at the college.


My wife teaches high school math and science (and a bit of everything else) as well as teaching English online to young Chinese students. I have 3 teenaged daughters who are actively involved with basketball and soccer (football?) so, my principal occupation is as a volunteer taxi driver! At home, I am also the chief cook and bottle washer so I’m hoping that when I get home, the girls will not have starved to death.


I love good food and good beer and have been known to enjoy a wee dram of single-malt.


Curling night at the club is sacrosanct and I love the chance to participate in a few bonspiels over the season including the incomparable Quebec International Bonspiel. I have been the CEO of the QIB since 2013 and was its honorary President for the 100th edition!


I’m looking forward to meeting you!