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Hi, I’m Lynn Wilson from Victoria, British Columbia.  I curl at the Glen Meadows CC, Victoria CC, and Esquimalt CC.  I have been retired since 1993. My first career was as a “medical photographer” 1963 – ‘71.  I was Head of A/V units working for Medical Schools & Teaching Hospitals in Winnipeg and Calgary.  My second career was as a Ski & Sports Shop owner/manager, in Lake Louise, 1972 – ‘93.

 I have been married to Donnamae for 50 years, no children yet!  Together we have Curled, Skied, Sailed, Cycled, Hiked, Canoed, Kayaked and coached & organized most of these activities.

Curling Accomplishments: From Jr. Curling in Winnipeg onward, have participated in Local,

Zone, and Provincial Championships as well as Can. 55+ Games at Prov. & National Levels.

Finally outlasted some rivals to win Pacific Coast 70+ Provincial Championships 2016. (Skip)

15 years of Coaching & Helping Organize Junior Curling and Adult Clinics at Glen Meadows Club.

League & Bonspiel Drawmaster, various leagues, Glen Meadows.


Other interests:  (summer)

Sailing: Dinghy Racing, Several Classes, - Enterprise Class, 5 time National Champion.

Post retirement in ‘93, some Keel boat racing and cruising to present.

Cycle touring:  Cross Canada 2x, Germany, France, Australia, Britain, (LeJog, 2014).

Canoe Racing:  Won Standard Class in “World's Toughest Canoe Marathon”, 260 miles

of non-stop paddling, (Texas Water Safari, 1992).


Interesting Fact:

I am the Great Grandson of “Robert Stephenson” of “Rocket” Locomotive and British Railways Fame.

Not aware of his Curling accomplishments.