Photograph | Donald Smith, later Lord Strathcona, Montreal, QC, 1871 | I-66959

Sir Donald Alexander Smith

1st Baron Strathcona and Mount Royal (1820-1914)


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Pointe Claire’s Guests’ Cup


A contingent of Scots curled in clubs across Canada in the Strathcona Test Games of 1957. 

The Pointe Claire Curling Club requested the privilege of having one of theTest Matches played in its club.  Permission was granted and the PCCC rolled out the red carpet in the true spirit of curling.

The Scots' rink consisting of Jock Waugh, NormanTodd, Jimmy Alexander, Willie Wilson and Bill McNamara, were met at the airport at 6:00 a.m. on January 5, 1957, given a police escort with blaring sirens, a pass through the City and entrance into the clubhouse under an arch of crossed brooms. Later, they proceeded to the Montreal City Hall for a dinner courtesy of the City of Montreal.

The five Scots were so appreciative of the hospitality of the members that they were determined to commemorate their visit to Pointe Claire and entered into negotiations with the Executive.  This resulted in the Scots’ donation and presentation of the “Guests’ Cup” for annual competition and they stipulated the unusual rules of play.

Thus began one of the unique traditions of the PCCC. They also left behind “the broom” signed by all five of them, which is displayed on a wall in the upstairs room.The following information is made available without divulging the details of this event, which are kept secret, (the participants swear to maintain its secrecy).  Twelve  participants are selected  from Club members, normally in order of their joining date. There have to be 12 members qualifying to make up six teams (Pointe Claire is a three-sheeter club).  These members invite 12 guest curlers who are not to be members of the PCCC.  There are three main organizers of the event: Master of the Cup, Master of the Broom and Bearer of the Cup.  The Club is closed for the evening of the Guests’ Cup, except for the participants.  In keeping with the tradition, and to honour the Scots, the six teams are named after six clubs in Scotland whose members have played at Pointe Claire, namely Dalkeith,  Duddingstone, Lasswade*, Merchiston, St. Boswells, and Watsonians.  A formal dinner and ceremonies follow the curling. The full cost for the members and guests are covered by the 12 PCCC members.

* In the original write-up, Corstorphine appeared instead of Lasswade.

- as told by Pointe-Claire Curling Club historian Hu Whitehead











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