Photograph | Donald Smith, later Lord Strathcona, Montreal, QC, 1871 | I-66959

Sir Donald Alexander Smith
1st Baron Strathcona and Mount Royal (1820-1914)

The Strathcona Cup

January 7-31, 2009

Canadian men curlers tour Scotland

canada  Celebrating over 100 years of friendly men's curling competition! scotland







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Redheads Roddie and Robert



Myron, Robert and Roddie in the West-Island



The Trial Strathcona Team (L-R) of Bill Streeter, Robert Dods, host Miron Macyshyn, Don Robinson, and Roddy MacLean.


We attended the Royal Montreal CC Centenary Bonspiel from Thursday, January 8th to Sunday, January 11th. The out-of-towners stayed at  the Confort Suites on Crescent, a nice hotel with close proximity  to the RMCC (less than a 1 km walk or a short taxi ride) Please make plans to join us next year from January 7th to 10th. For those snowbirds, why not make a stop off in Montreal to reunite with the 2009 Tourists.

- Robert Dods



Added Nov. 4, 2014

Some souvenir photos of recent Riverboat Reunions




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April 23 2009: An account of the 1970 tour



1909 a

The 1909 Strathcona Tour,
Blair Castle. Pitlochry
Presented by Robbie Scot
Large image

The 2009 Strathcona Tour,
Canadian curlers, 2009


The final score:     Canada:1459 (+326)   Scotland:1133  Webmaster: Bob Rondeau

Last update February 9, 2018