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Hi, I’m from Victoria, British Columbia
A retired Director, Facilities Services for the BC Ministry of Solicitor General and Attorney General and now assisting the BC Corrections Branch in the development of new correctional centres, I curl out of the Victoria Curling Club where I am an Executive Member of the Board, President of the Saturday Morning League and conduct training initiatives for new and current members. I curl out of the Esquimalt Curling Club as well.


Born and raised in the Ottawa Valley, I moved to Victoria in the mid-60’s where I have served on the executives of a number of curling leagues over the years, was a Little League Baseball executive for 20 years, am currently president of the local car club and presently serve on the Greater Victoria Committee for the development of a new curling centre.
I have served as a Big Brother, been President of the local Big Brothers/Sisters and have been on the executive of Provincial and National Boards of Big Brothers. A Director of the Esquimalt Lions Club and the West Lawn Bowles Club, I have served on the Esquimalt School Board for 6 years and sponsored a Vietnamese Boat Family in the early 80’s, with whom, we still maintain contact.
In addition, I am President of the Claymar Theatre Company, on the board of Governors of St Michaels University School, Victoria and, in 2003, was recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal , awarded to Canadians for 50 years of service to fellow citizens, community and country.
Besides spending time with my family and struggling with golf, I enjoy gardening and restoring my 1962 Buick convertible
Reasonably competitive, for me the fellowship of the game is the thing and I look forward very much to this tour.
















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