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Hi. I’m from Hudson, Quebec

A retired Vice-President of Canderel Management Inc., I curl out of the Whitlock Golf and Country Club, where I was Ice Chairman for two years, chaired the 1999 Quebec Men’s Provincial Championship and served as Ice Official for the Quebec Men’s, the Juniors and the 2007 Mixed Provincials and play also out of the Legion Curling Club in Hudson .


Originally, I started curling in 1960 at the Terrace Curling Club in Toronto under the tutelage of Stu Kirkup-a polio survivor who curled out of a wheelchair. Unlike today (where wheelchair curlers use the “stick”) he placed one wheel in the hack, removed the arm rest and “threw” the rock down the ice. He held the broom (a sawed off straw broom with which he would “beat” the ice) in the house- and in the three years I curled with him, never once did a rock hit the chair. He did on occasion fall out of the chair-especially when he was sweeping-I would pick him up and the game continued. He was employed by the Provincial Government and we travelled throughout Southern Ontario participating in many bonspiels.
In 1964 I joined Leaside, a municipal curling club in Toronto and served on the Board of Directors and as Chairman of the Board prior to transferring to Ottawa in 1985 where I curled out Carleton Heights and the Granite Club of West Ottawa. Then on to Montreal in 1987 where I joined the Pointe Claire Curling Club, completed my Level I Ice Technician Course through Curl Canada and served as Ice Chairman for two years and Match Chairman for a year.
Competitively, I skipped a Pointe Claire rink that represented Quebec at the 1993 Senior Men’s National Championships. I have competed in many Branch events representing both the Legion and the “Regulars” at the district, regional and provincial levels and entered teams many times in the City of Ottawa Bonspiel with some success including the Labatt’s Trophy which placed in the Grand Aggregate Finals.
Each February we host an outdoor bonspiel on the lake at our cottage involving some 40 participants. The ice is prepared using the age old method of scribing the circles, painting lines with food coloring, curling with junior rocks purchased from the Sutton CC in Ontario, all followed by the traditional “beef and Greens “ (in this case Montreal Smoked Meat personally imported by the author) and French Fries!
I have represented both Pointe Claire and Whitlock in hosting the incoming Scot curlers.
During the formative years, I coached hockey and baseball, am a member of the local cottagers association, participated in corporate fund raising and being a cottage owner have acquired several new talents related to “Handy Man”.












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